About Us

We are an institution based on a substantial research system supporting competitivity, durable development, and life quality. 

Our mission engages in promoting and achieving scientific research in the field of viticulture and vinification, both nationally and internationally, for the benefit of commercial units, either private or public.  

By developing technological innovation for our beneficiaries, we increase their competitivity in Romania and Europe as well. 

Our research activity promotes the economic growth of society for social welfare in line with environmental protection.

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Our research center is certified for running research activities in agreement with the governmental decision HG NR. 551 / 2007 by decision CS Nr.9666 / 2.06.2008.

Our research center has been operating under ”Gheorge Ionescu Șișești” Academy of Agricultural And Forestry Sciences since 2002 and ever since it has been named Murfatlar Station of Research and Development for Viticulture and Vinification.  

Research, Development, Innovation

Our research station sustains scientific research in the field of viticulture and vinification for the benefit of commercial units in a national and international context as well. By developing technological innovation for beneficiaries, the center helps raising their competitivity in both Romania and Europe.  


  • Amelioration and Plant Propagation 
  • Wine-growing Technologies
  • Protection of Grape Vines
  • Technologies of Grape Processing and Wine Chemistry 


  • Experimental Basis I
  • Experimental Basis II
  • Micro-vinification Station


Murfatlar Wine Shop



Projects for establishing a vineyard

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for establishing a vineyard

Histological Analyses

Viability and fertility of fruit buds

Ripening Analyses

Establishing the right and best moment for harvesting

Technological Schemes

Technological schemes of winemaking

Brief Analyses

Brief analyses of wines

Stability Tests

Running stability tests for wines


Technical and technological information

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